Why Do Only Fools And Horses Work Lyrics

Looking for the lyrics to Why Do Only Fools And Horses Work? Here is the classic version, and a version broadcast for a special.

Why Do Only Fools And Horses Work?
Lyrics to Why Do Only Fools And Horses Work

Opening Lyrics

Stick a pony in me pocket
I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van
Cause if you want the best ‘uns
And you don’t ask questions
Then brother I’m your man

Where it all comes from
Is a mystery
It’s like the changing of the seasons
And the tides of the sea
But heres the one thats driving me berserk
Why do only fools and horses work
La la lala – la la la la la (etc)
Written and Performed by John Sullivan

Closing Lyrics

We’ve got some half priced cracked ice
And miles and miles of carpet tiles
TV’s, deep freeze and David Bowie LP’s
Pool games, gold chains, wosnames
And at a push
Some Trevor Francis track-suites
From a mush in Shepherds Bush, Bush, Bush,
Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush

No income tax, no VAT
No money back, no guarantee
Black or white, rich or broke
We’ll cut prices at a stroke

God bless Hooky Street
Viva Hooky Street
Long live Hooky Street
C’est magnifique Hooky Street
Magnifique Hooky Street

Closing Lyrics to the Jolly Boys’ Outing

Well, I’ll be working hard to reach me target,
To earn a few bob for a day trip down to Margate.
I’m gonna blow the lot tomorrow on all me family,
We catch the coach at eight,
So don’t be late,
We’re off to see the sea.
Del: Behave yourself Uncle Albert
Rodney: Or you won’t be going
Down to Margate,
Don’t forget your buckets and spades and cossies and all.
Down to Margate,
We’ll have a pill of jellied eels at the cockle stall.
We’ll go on the pier and we’ll have a beer at the side of the sea.
Down to Margate,
You can keep the costa Brava,
I’m telling you mate, I’d rather
Have a day down Margate with all me family.
You can keep the costa Brava and all that palava
Del: Goin’ to Brava.
Rodney: Del, I’d rather,
Have a day down Margate with all my family.